This is an archive of the band profile for Go Cadenza.

Three years ago Andrew Andreas and Paul Vickers were writing and recording songs in a North London bedroom. They started as friends who shared a passion for music. Together they invented Go Cadenza and their debut album, set for release in the summer, shows that the great tradition of eccentric English song writing is alive and well. Paul's music has a hard edge with quirky lyrics and melodies. Andrew creates a softer, more organic folky music, with lots of strings and warm bass lines. Together their sounds fuse to create the mix of influences that is Go Cadenza; an emotional rollercoaster of erie, atmospheric moments and big high energy sounds that punctuate their sweet melodies. Their inspirations are artists such as – Lennon & McCartney, Nick Drake, John Martyn through to Radiohead and Coldplay.

Paul, originally from Leeds, had been working and living in London. Andrew had a little studio set up and was part of a group of friends that included members of Zero 7 and Smoke City. Paul had been at University with Andrew’s then girlfriend. Stuck in London, Paul looked Andrew up and they went for a good night out. After a few drinks they got to talking about music. “We had a lot in common. I told Andrew that I wanted to write and perform so he asked me round to his flat in Muswell Hill.” Andrew says “Paul brought me some ideas, lyrics and tunes and I had some tracks that I’d been working on. We put them together and it worked. As soon as we started jamming we knew we where on to something special”

“I’d work on tracks during the week and Paul would come on a Sunday and we’d work on them together” says Andrew. “I had some lyrics and ideas for tunes as well, it was a collaboration between us in the real sense of the word,” says Andrew. “We were into the same things, great tunes and lyrics that mean something. Paul’s lyrics are quirkier than mine. Mine are more about experience – love gone bad that kind of stuff.” Many of the songs on the first album come from those initial collaborations including Hot Air Balloon and Lost at Sea.

The duo were encouraged by the positive reaction they received. Things began to accelerate last year. Joe Gossa and Jody Green from Bossy Music heard Paul and Andrews songs. “We were blown away,” says Jody. “We offered them a deal straight away.” The band signed and things progressed. Bossy called in producer Andy Hunt and the band went to work with him in Elevator Studio in Liverpool last summer. Hunt polished up their original recordings by redoing the rhythm tracks with live bass and drums, also guitars and keyboards were re-played and the vocals were re-sung. The album was taking shape. By now Andrew had his own studio in West Hampstead.

Andrew is interested in the studio process, he loves nothing better than being in the studio writing and working on new ideas. Paul loves playing live. Spurred by his enthusiasm for performance Paul set out to bring together a band “It became obvious that this music cried out to be played live” Paul says. “I knew a lot of talented musicians, Stuart, a great guitarist, is one of my oldest friends from University and my brother-in-law Tim plays bass. Tim was in a band with drummer Ben, as soon as they heard the plan they wanted in. We fleshed out the sound by recruiting Elliot on keyboards and percussionist Johnny. We had Go Cadenza the band. We started rehearsing and it gelled straight away. Paul says “Playing live has inspired our work in the studio”

That’s the story – the future?

Paul and Andrew continue to write and already have a load of songs for the second record. Go Cadenza made their live debut at The Cockpit in Leeds in January to a packed house and a rapturous response. They were invited back for an encore this month. Further gigs are scheduled for this summer. The album? Some more recording early this year added live strings and a new song Orlando. With mixing scheduled for May with Jon Gray (The Coral and The Zutons) at the desk, the album will be ready for an early summer release. Go Cadenza!.