This is a review of "Escape Routine" recorded by Decoration. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Thank you Decoration... there that’s it, the review can end right here! Why? Because it’s so damn hard not to sound like a kiss ass about these 3 glorious songs. Having charted Decoration's rise from total obscurity and early scratchy demos through to being signed and still a best kept secret, it just causes such glee to hear them shine on this fore-runner to their eagerly anticipated debut album. Escape Routine is another slice of shimmering and chiming guitars in the vein of The Wedding Present and The Smiths and yet more wonderful word play as in “I’m only 24 hours from an ulcer” or "you're endlessly E-baying for blood". A northern accent never sounded so good on record. For all those who missed it the first time round there is a beefed up re-recording of “Candidate” taken from one the band's earlier EPs and it's still easy to see why it got the music industry twitching and the late God Peel salivating at his microphone. For dessert, new song “Interested” powers into your speakers before finding another masterpiece in its wake, fading away with the haunting repetition of “What a friend we had in theory”. Now let's all get round them in a threatening playground huddle and chant album, album, album!