This is a review of "I Can't Believe It's Not Better" recorded by Loqui. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

An ostentatious biography package accompanies this 'Greatest Hits' compilation from Loqui, which also encompasses their life as Vertigo Green. It should prove as a warning that everything about Loqui is big, a big band with a big sound, songs that sound like they have been plucked from a West End score with Rob Paul Chapman's vocals being boosted by the female backing harmonies and pulsating brass parts. 'Starship' eases us in with its twinkling piano and smooth guitar before 'Straigt Outta Brompton' picks up the tempo and gives Chapman a chance to flex his vocal muscle with a pacey vocal line that he spits out above the effective guitar riff and powerhouse organ. It brims with energy and gives the impression that if you caught the band performing this live they wouldn't be stood gazing at their shoes, especially the maniacal sounding Chapman. His vocal style seems to flit between the soft and hushed and the uproarious howl of a madman which work quite well with the dynamics of the band. 'Pied Piper Am I' is an acoustic song that changes the tempo altogether and seems a little out of place, it drops the pace and the standard of the offerings so far as does the inclusion of a cover of Blur's 'Song 2'. It's a nice idea but it doesn't quite come off, basically just a swing version of the original there's not enough to make it stand out and become an engaging or clever rendition. 'Down At The Toothbrush' is a riotous, madcap number with frantic piano and a vocal that pours out of Chapman's mouth as fast as it possibly can. It's only let down by some nasty backing vocals that detract rather add. 'Who You Are?' and the 'Jesus Christ Superstar' abusing 'Hamsterman' confirm that the band are at their best when operating at full speed with fret threatening guitar work, bold brass and Chapman sounding like he's on the edge of sanity.