This is a review of "Faith and Fear" recorded by Bujidao. The review was written by Sam Robson in 2005.

This sounds a bit like acoustic-folk versions of stadium rock songs. Fat choruses sit amongst some delicate arrangements of piano and guitar. The lead vocal is powerful yet has an elegant Tim Buckley-esque tone to it, and the piano dances around a rhythmic guitar backdrop. “No perspective” starts things off with a verse melody that scurries about and listening to it almost makes me need to urinate, until a lilting chorus steps in and cuts the tension magnificently, pretty delightful. “Take a breath” is the other notable highlight of the CD, with some great harmonies and again a memorable chorus constructed by a good verse/bridge section. Things aren’t quite as good in the middle of this CD as the songs go a little pomp and go on a little too long, but excellent service is resumed with a atmospheric cover of “Rocket Man” (yes, the Elton John song!). The vocals are impeccable and again the arrangements are spot on, a great use of dynamics (note: with not many instruments) as the song builds up to its climax. At the end of the track I’m shocked to hear an audience… it was a live track. I’m truly impressed!

Bujidao are the kind of group that could blow an audience away in the right acoustic night setting, and if this was a smaller CD focusing on their stronger songs I’d be tempted to give them more praise, but they didn’t. So I won’t.