This is a review of "Back In Power" recorded by The Glitterati. The review was written by Andy James in 2005.

Hmmm... so funnily enough it appears on this evidence that this lot were floppy-haired indie kids in glam metal headcases' clothing all along then. Just when you had The Glitterati pegged as raunchy old-skool G'n'R worshipping rrrrraaaawwwwwk'n'rrrrraaaaawwwwllll revivalists, along comes this the fifth single off their debut sounding album more than anything like "Coming Up" era Suede of all things ("The Beautiful Ones" if you need a direct reference point). Strange times indeed. Still, this is just as charmingly ridiculously OTT as ever and rather fine with it. So we'll forgive 'em.