This is a review of "1000 Bulbs" recorded by four day Hombre. The review was written by Tim Hann in 2005.

With an album in waiting this seems like the big push Leeds giants four day Hombre have been setting themselves up for going back nearly 2 years. Think back to 2003 and everything seemed set for a career spiralling ever upwards with the release of the glorious “First Word Is The Hardest“. For whatever reason it never quite turned out as it should have.

So cue “1000 Bulbs“, the first song to be taken from the band’s forthcoming album, and are we excited? Of course we are. So the question is will this be the single to set the band on the path they have deserved for so long? Well, it might well be, but after several listens disappointment is hard to avoid. Hit single is the order of the day it seems. Throw in elements of Coldplay, Athlete and Embrace and let’s sell some records. Singer Simon Wainwright’s voice is still the star of the show and is consistently impressive, as is the band’s musicianship, mixing guitar and keyboard to create lush soundscapes. The trouble is this is the sound of a band playing things safe so if you’re expecting to be dazzled by four day Hombre you’ll have to wait for the album. Unfortunately after you’ve set yourself such a high benchmark from past work this has to go down as a missed opportunity.