This is a review of "We Are ... blumone*" recorded by blumone*. The review was written by Ben Daure in 2005.

It’s very hard to describe this album. Mainly because it is a hybrid of so many different genres, it’s almost impossible to pin it down. If I had to put a label on it then it would have to be something along the lines of "alternative electro ambient rock dance pop funk", and I’m sure I could list some more but you get the idea.

blumone* are very experimental with their choice of music and instruments and in this case that is a good thing. It’s very interesting how some tracks sound like Depeche Mode and a robot of some kind. With odd vocal samples such as “I am bored and I want I want you to die” (which actually sounds a bit like Jack Dee pissed off). Yet other tracks can sound like Aphex Twin, or even a Spanish dance track which is actually the case in “The Truth (NY Staple Mix)”.

Each and every song has its own little flair and sounds very different from its predecessor. There are some tracks on the album that you would actually think were different artists just simply because of their diversity in comparison with the rest of the album. Such as “The Truth (NY Staple Mix)” as I mentioned earlier and “My mama told me so” which definitely stand out the most.

Unfortunately they do not apply the same original techniques throughout their album. Many of the more dance themed songs get a bit repetitive (probably because there more like dance songs, mindless and boring). Also I think they need to be a bit more ambitious with their melodies, as at times you can feel like you are listening to one long drum beat with only 2 or 3 notes being used. The vocals can also sound a bit monotone at times too. Now in all honesty it does actually work for the most but it can make what originality the song had seem a bit bland, which is a shame really.

That’s all for “dissin” the band now because apart from the above paragraph the album is really good. Especially if you are really into very experimental music or you like music with that little bit of an edge to it.

An overall look at the album would show that blumone* have got it half right. They have the shear originality on 4 out of 8 of their tracks, but the other 4 tracks are very dull and sound unfinished - if that is resolved they this could be one corker of a band with a very broad audience range.

If this music was a person it would be: a schizophrenic with multiple personalities such as a robot, a psycho killer and a Spanish person. That is extremely intelligent but can be boring in conversation.