This is an archive of the band profile for 45 Revolutions.

Dean Roy Holmes - lead vocals + bass
Chris Kipper Summers - lead guitar
Bryan Bell - rhythm guitar
Phil Rhodes - drums

From Pudsey in Leeds, 45 Revolutions formed in 2003 and have already played the many respected venues in and around the Leeds area including The Cockpit, Joseph's Well, Rios in Bradford and The Dry Bar in Manchester.

All the material is written and performed by the band and the music is of a punk rock nature. They are already well known for their hard guitar riffs and catchy songs like Disco Teeth and Dog Has It. Over time their style has been likened to Green Day, The Clash, and Foo Fighters. At the end of 2004 they had to find a new drummer in the shape of Phil, and since then the music has elevated to a new level.

The band will soon have a new AA single available, produced by Gareth Wilson of Valley Road Studios. Once mastering is complete the CD will be available on the website. Samples are now available to download on the official website..