This is an archive of the band profile for Frankie Eisenhower.

Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar – Tom Ross
Lead Guitar / Vocals – Paul Thomas
Drums / Vocals – Andrew De Asha
Bass Guitar – Dave Burton

Frankie Eisenhower and the Shanky Shamrocks Skiffle Sextet Beat Combo are a four-piece Leeds based band bringing you the finest blend of innovative country, blues and rock. With three quarters of the band originating from Liverpool, they have remained true to their roots, whilst adding their own unique ingredients to create a distinctive, yet comfortable and familiar Frankie Eisenhower sound. Their upbeat approach to music appeals across the musical spectrum and has provided the Leeds Music Scene with something new and fresh.

Their catchy yet imaginative headline tracks Smomaco and Unhinged Malady have been played repeatedly in Leeds hotspots such as Brighton Beach and their first CD has now been put onto various Juke Boxes around the Hyde Park and Headingley areas of Leeds. Now they want to spread their message further with a packed schedule around the Leeds area, including venues such as Josephs Well and Mixing Tin, before taking their music further a field around the UK..