This is a review of "Transporter" recorded by The Downfall. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

It's been a long time since we last heard from The Downfall with their last CD 'Atrofeed' which got rave reviews from several sites, and I think they've just about managed to keep the tradition. Let me just start by saying this is an absolute bitch of a rock album, it's got everything, energy, good production, good tunes a right and some great talent.

First track 'Caught on camera' should be on MTV2 if they had a video for it (I don't know, do they?) It has the perfect ingredients of a heavy pop song, great lyrics and vocals and just all round catchiness. Other standout tracks are the QOTSA-esque 'Undone' and the roaralicious 'Over Now' which is so close to being screamo but it justs escapes by being asolutely brilliant. In fact I don't think I can describe anything weak about this album except for that it isn't long enough!!

The Downfall are an incredibly tight band especially shown on 'Sorry Situation' and 'Martyr' with fantastic drummer J.P's rock-solid skin bashing.

I want to see them live again now! But if any rock fans want a good album that is easy to listen through from start to finish then this is the one for you with Dunk's great voice and strings work, and Dan's straight to the point bass plucking and J.P's uniuely brilliant drumming, The Downfall are a band that everyone is going to have to watch out for. End Of!