This is a review of "The Borough of Western Suburbs" recorded by Western Suburbs. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

They may be slow workers, July 2001 being our last encounter with Western Suburbs but boy oh boy has it been worth the wait. Like a fine wine they have matured into something extremely palatable. Inspired by bands like Pavement and Grandaddy there is a wonderful hazy slacker pop vibe throughout this CD. Ripponden’s finest open with the lazy fingered “Trudi’s Place“ where we first meet with and fall for Joss Worthington’s down beat vocal style. This is soon followed by the positively up tempo “Barbara Singleton Super Sleuth“ which is only let down by being slightly on the lengthy side at over 7 minutes. This minor faux pas is soon forgiven by the pounding brilliance of “Saddest Star” with its haunting backing vocals and fuzzed up keyboards - tremendous. Some dreamy slide guitar, interplaying piano and whacked out lyrics makes “Siegfried & Roy” a fitting Malkmus-like ending. Let us hope that they do not spend another 4 years before giving us some more like this, bring it on.