This is a review of "Walking Lonely Streets EP" recorded by The Cut. The review was written by Ben Daure in 2005.

Has anyone ever seen a really cheesy porno flick, or even a piss take of one? If you have then you will most likely have heard that defining music that plays in the background. That light funk you more that often hear (or that piano stuff but I'm not on about that). Well if I had to compare The Cut to any sort of music I would compare it to that.

What I mean when I say they're like porno music is that they are without doubt pure funk music. Not only that, but the band are as tight as a pair of leather trousers several sizes too small being worn in the boiling sun by a fat person. So tight as fuck basically.

The complex workings of Mitch Cockman's slap and tap bass lines should be archived and sent out for the world not only to love, but to worship. Even Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers would be shaking in his boots if he heard this (you never know). This accompanied with Alex Krzesinski’s colossal guitar melodies with copious amounts of wah and disjunct harmonics, makes you move you body weather you want to or not.

So far, so good. However I do think that the EP does have a flaw. This in my opinion would have to be the vocals. Now after seeing them live I can say that when performing the vocals are very good. On the EP though, they do The Cut no favours. This because it sounds a bit like Alex Krzesinski is pushing to talk in tune and it bring their songs down a little bit.

Over all then, I would say that the vocals need to be a little different and have some more depth to them as I mentioned. Musically this EP is absolutely phenomenal. It pushes all the right buttons for funk lovers and the songs are produced and played to an extremely high standard. I also recommend you see this band to really appreciate their music.

If this music was a person it would be: someone who directs porn movies and was very good at it.