This is a review of "Earth Songs" recorded by Capri. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2001.

There's a world of male dreams, TV series and British films where the Ford Capri, wide lapels and the wah wah pedal combine to create power, speed and cool calculation. Stranded industrial landscapes, ersatz black funk, supercool Hammond and soulful rasping vocals keep the dream alive. Daniel Woodward is the mastermind and Capri are the band.

Their elegant CD, with its pro quality video, tyre burning tracks and sci-fi disco cover painting is a labour of love. It enjoys the obsessive attention to detail of someone totally committed to the project. Percussion is as busy and slick as snakeskin. Guitar bass and Hammond are crisp as you like and the horn section is massive.

Yes, it is shallow. Yes, the music is devotedly retro. But it has a perfect charm and there will be people whose deepest drives will get tugged by this stuff. Capri have just done a whole bunch of live gigs, and they're playing the HiFi Club in Leeds on November 4th. They will be tight. Dig out your tailored leather jacket and wear your shades. Tuck your medallion under your shirt in case it gets steamy enough to undo a few buttons. Buy this CD and covet the imminent LP release.

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