This is an archive of the band profile for Rigsby.

James Trevelyan (Lead Vocals)
Anshul Kapoor (Lead Guitar)
Alex De Boer (Keyboards, Vocals)
Simon Fitzpatrick (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Greg Sykes (Drums)

A shared passion for guitar driven, melodic rock inspired five Huddersfield University students to start making music together. James, Anshul and schoolfriends Alex, Simon and Greg met on campus, got drunk one night, and in the morning Rigsby were born...

The boys quickly built up a large and loyal fanbase, and caught the attention of industry and media alike - apart from riding high in the SBN Network chart, one of the band's demos "Mystery Machine" was featured on a season finale of Channel 4's hit series "Teachers".

Now, Rigsby are currently putting the finishing touches to their album "Rising" and the Avnon Music Group are gearing up for the major launch of their debut single "Farewell To The Stranded" in the summer. Band member Alex captures the essence of the band when he tells us; "Rigsby are all about the songs - big fat melodies and brain-lodging hooks with a slightly seedy underbelly...".