This is an archive of the band profile for Those Freeloaders.

Those Freeloaders were founded in Leeds in late 2006 by four students from the College of Music, Bruce (bass), Petchy (guitar, vocals, piano and general northern abuse), Liam (guitar and vocals) and Sammy (drums). Their material would be best described as aggressive, upbeat, indie-rock and could be compared to a mix of the Maximo Park, Kings of Leon, The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys.

Hastily formed in order to play a gig two weeks later, Those Freeloaders had a reality check and cancelled as they only had two unrehearsed songs. After a change of drummer, and many more (thoroughly rehearsed) songs, the band are ready to embark upon their quest of not having to get a real job.

Those Freeloaders long term plans include money, fame, swimming pools full of champagne and all the homous and scarves they can fit into their satchels, but in the near future will be working on material for their début album and gigging around Leeds to raise their profile and expand their fan base..