This is an archive of the band profile for Landspeed Loungers.

Interviewer: So what's it like hearing your band on Radio One for the first time?

Simon (drums): It's like hearing it on your normal stereo, but with someone talking over the beginning and the end.

Listening back, it's hard to put it in context. What the chuff did Landspeed Loungers sound like? Where so many bands cite "musical differences" as the reason they split up, with the Loungers, this was their raison d'etre - more directions than a bag of snakes. Vocals swoop from choirboy clarity to guttural groans via the skewed inflections of some deranged crooner. Guitars weave intricate webs over sheets of crunching chords. There's angular tangents and insistent arpeggios. The bass veers off from a solid driving pulse into ludicrous, unnecessary runs, crammed into the gaps in drum patterns that seem to skip playfully along, before blasting into unexpected crescendos.

Frequently this all happens in the same song. Songs about long-dead scientists, potential porn stars, disgraced MPs, lethal gardening implements and "a miserable witch with a thing for truffles".

Much has been said and written about how the Loungers "nearly made it". But that's not the point - they made exactly what they wanted to make- ace music. So what do they sound like? They sound like the Landspeed Loungers. I'm gonna make you a saliva-scope. Open your mouth..