This is a review of "Anthology 2000" recorded by Chevron. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Oh my God, it's an album - ten tracks titled "Anthology 2000" - ok, I have a few hours, lets have a listen then.

The first song had a very poor sound quality, a very rough dirty sound and didn't do Chevron much justice. It had a bit of a kick and oomph to it, a mixture of post-grunge rock and nice quiet moments. But the quality - was this recorded live? - made me skip it very quickly. Not a good start. "Shine A Light" is a gentle rock-ballad, with slow pronounced lyrics over the top. After three minutes it goes all rock-guitars, but its still messy and the drums seem a little misplaced. There's a general Pavement-distortion feel to the song writing in the final minute or so: quirky and alternative. This'd probably sound ok live.

There's still the annoying fuzz over the remaining tracks and a general popping sound on the bass - I don't know how or where this was recorded but I'd not return there. Sorry guys. It's hard to comment on the music when you're wondering whether what you're hearing its supposed to be there or not. Nice piano outro on "My Weariness Amazes Me" though - wasn't expecting that.

I can just about see what Chevron are trying to do; it's an alternative twist on indie-guitar music. There's a significant focus on lo-fi, within both the recording and the song-writing technique. But the downfalls detract from all of this: a very poor recording doesn't help for starters, but when you're listening closely you can hear fluffed notes and at times it loses tightness.