This is an archive of the band profile for Bayou Gumbo.

The band got together in 1987, and have played all over the UK and Europe, taking in large festival gigs as well as playing the local pub and club circuit.

Both Sir Harrison Birtwistle and Cynthia Payne have described them as "a good band", high praise indeed from what can surely be described as people from different ends of the entertainment spectrum.

The band's influences are many and diverse taking in elements of cajun, zydeco, reggae, blues and high life amongst others.

Audiences have commented that "if you don't dance to this, you must be dead".

The band comprises:

Harry "covert" Gumbo. Squeezebox, vocals, harmonica, rub board, swanee whistle, trumpet, tuba and frog.

Jean "il pleut" Gumbo. Bass guitar and vocals.

Pierre "le compte" Gumbo. Drums and vocals.

Gabrielle Gumbo. Fiddle and frog.

Francois Gumbo. Guitar, vocals and triangle..