This is a review of "Assume The Position" recorded by Bobby Six Killer. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

A debut six-track mini-album from Leeds' latest ska kids, Bobby Six Killer and despite the hazy production it's certainly an addition you should make to your CD collection. From the opening lines, "Cheer up emo kid, Why do you always look so sad?" the album is a ska walk (dance?) through the band's repertoire. Although I'm not a firm fan of this mellow ska sound - favouring less of the reggae and willing the addition of some crunch to the guitars - I've been won over by the Killer's live show and now by this record. A cover of "Joe Le Taxi" takes me back to my pop youth, and the French lyrics in "Valise Bleu" (my favourite, though probably because I have no idea what it is about) sit nicely in the middle of the album, while closing track "Monobrow" is another intriguing song that discusses the merits of crowd surfing and features a Knight Rider interlude. On the downside, the vocals are a touch flaky at times, which is also a criticism I've come away from live shows with. Though the fact that they're often sung in French makes up for this. This record in one word? Buy.