This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Seven Hours. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2001.

Imagine going to a gig and getting given a CD to review. Well that's what happened with this CD by Seven Hours. Right from the start off I was told it was only recorded on a 4 track machine. Well if this is the quality of a 4 track, then get me one straight away! This 5 piece devise their own brand of funky rock.

The CD starts off with a funky track called "Dead Men", which includes some of the most funky guitars I have heard in a long while. The bass carries this song along and it has a very strong backbeat. The only thing that lets this track down is that the vocals aren't clearly defined or loud enough. But a very good track none the less.

The second track, "Fill Me In", starts off with a very funky bass and drum section with little stabbed chords on the guitar. The whole sound has shifted from the 1st song in the verses to reggae. A very interesting section because the chorus goes back to its rock roots again and this brings the track to life. The vocals in this song suit the style they are trying to create in the verses. Superb.

The third track, "Here it Comes", starts off with a guitar riff, bringing the bass and drums in after a few bars. The guitars are what brings this track to life, with their funky chord playing and distorted tones. There are also some interesting vocal harmonies going on in this track. This one ain't as instantly catchy as the other tracks on the CD but it grows on you after a while.

Seven Hours are a very good band, one of the unknown talents that Bradford has to offer. Next time they play at The Love Apple in Bradford, go and see them.