This is an archive of the band profile for Leodis.

Kieran Wormald on vocals & guitar
Steve Wormald on bass.
Lea Gibson on lead guitar.
Danny Isenring on drums.

Leodis are a 4 piece Indie / Rock band from Leeds.
They have been playing many gigs and creating a buzz in and around Leeds, always getting a great reception with their own original sound and lyrics,
along with performing cover version that many have commented were better than the original bands.
Leodis are highly accomplished and dedicated musicians, all learning to play at a very early age.

The band have been overwhelmed by the response of fans from the USA who have been leaving unbelievably fantastic comments on myspace and quite simply begging for the band to tour there.
With some 6000 US fans adding themselves since January of this year.
We feel we just need the the right A&R person to listen and see us and then things will start happening.

A few fan gig quotes left on myspace-
"OMG Saturday night was unbelievable, best night ever.
"I saw Ian Brown gig last tuesday and you were 100 times better wow!!
"Liked music on myspace, but hearing you live was unforgettable."
"I saw you at Prince of Wales, what can I say, easily the best band I've seen in there for years."
"Can't wait to see you back here next month."
"Fantasic gig last night guys"
"I liked the music on myspace but you guys are so much better live."
"You totally kicked ass, and the place was buzzing"
"Can i just say...u guys rock!i love you all"
"Hey, Saturday was fab! LEODIS ROCK!!"
"Hiya! luved it yesterday! woo! U rocked! Now...i just gotta wait til August! wooo!".