This is a review of "Mods N Rockers" recorded by Garon Shark. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Garon Shark are a young rock'n'roll four-piece from Huddersfield (what is it with that town?) I'm very impressed with their three-track offering, which suggests a band influenced by a variety of rock bands and styles and showcases an ability to write some excellent songs yet leaving enough room for improvement (without it being an insult to say so). The title-track "Mods n Rockers" goes from a nasal-vocal, relatively clean and mellow guitar beginning across to the occasional Placebo-esque vocals and some killer rock guitar riffs. The band mix in the samples well, and, at the same time, some metal-induced attitude before also going as far as dropping to a folk-metal style in the latter stages: "I was made by mods, rockers, skinheads and punks, I want to tell them I'm part of their history" in a Levellers meets Tansads affair... anyone?

A storming opening, but it doesn't stop there. Whilst the title track has been selected for its obvious draw-them-in qualities, the rest of the CD goes in for the kill. The samples fit in perfectly, and frankly I could play this record over and over, especially when they move to the guitar pop (rock/metal) in the final track... The band say they're influenced by Idlewild and Muse, which I could appreciate from their music, especially Muse, as well as an admiration of Radiohead, which I would never have guessed from the CD. If you like a poppier, yet equally as loud, Idlewild then "Lucy" may appeal... (reminded me of semi-Leeds band Tempting Kate)