This is an archive of the band profile for Mi Mye.

Mi Mye (Jamie Lockhart) grew up in Skerray, a tiny fishing village on the north coast of Scotland, but for 10 years Wakefield has been his home. An integral part of the music scene in the city, he's become something of a cult hero - a "Wakefield superhero" according to NME... 

Musically Mi Mye has been compared to Daniel Johnston, Smog, King Creosote and Jim O'Rourke. Line of Best Fit called him "the North's answer to Mac DeMarco". Last year he supported The Cribs for their homecoming show (after producing tracks on their last two records) and went to play a Marc Riley 6music session after Marc came across one of his songs and launched a search on twitter to find him.

The new album "The Sympathy Sigh". Despite being an incredible storyteller, due to his dyslexia, Jamie read a book for the first time this year. Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Inspired by this, he wanted to write songs with fewer, more direct and precise words. During the course of making this record Mi Mye have become a 5 peace band, looking to make a vast and open sound. Jamie Lockhart on vocals, fiddle and guitar, Rob Slater on drums and guitar, Daniel Charlesworth on baritone guitar and bass, Emily Ingham on vocals keys and accordion and Morgan Evans on vocals, keys and guitar.

Co release between "Hide and Seek Records" and "Philophobia Music". The first single "I Think Everything Going To Be Fine" will be release on the 3rd of June, with the album being released of the 5th of August on 12" vinal..