This is an archive of the band profile for Delmonica.

Delmonica as a band has existed for a couple of years, growing and evolving. In one of their earlier incarnations the musical leaning was towards Detroit punk, New York garage & Motown, but the eclectic musical tastes of the band has resulted in the current line up and sound taking a more refined yet lo-fi twist. The feel is retro, but still fresh. The current line up of Delmonica came into existence after a chance meeting of two old friends at a Love gig in Leeds, and an advert in the NME. Over the past twelve months, locked away in a rehearsal studio, the band set about generating a completely new set, taking inspiration from artists such as Love, The Beach boys, The Byrds, Bob Dylan and the Kinks. Drummer, Neil and Bassist, John are the longest standing members of the band and have played together in several bands, developing an understanding that is rarely achieved. The two guitarists Dave and Andy bounce off of each other with a chemistry that adds a rich texture and melody to the solid backdrop of the rhythm section, and on top off all this are the vocals. Scott leads the vocal line with confidence not arrogance but too much swagger to shoe gaze, and the backing vocals layer up harmonies resulting in tones reminiscent of the Beach Boys.

Scott Pender - vocals
John Heron - bass / vocals
Neil Fletcher - drums
Andy Taylor - guitar
Dave Flerin - guitars / vocals.