This is a review of "Observations" recorded by The Bluefoot Project. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2001.

Well, well, well. How can a crusty old white anti-dance geetar git like me get rapturous about stuff like this?

Because it's so damn good. Rachel Modest has a belting soul voice and the bass and drums are intergalactic. It's hypnotic, low down,. down beat, silk lined, funked up, spacey, cool, and packed full of music. The Observations song is the star of the EP. It starts with a JFK sample and sets in with a world class bass line that you could live with for the rest of your working life. Rachel's voice is caressing and dreamy. Second voice and harmony parts wrap around her like honeysuckle. She can sing. The mix is perfect. Could remixes be better? They could. Cienna do a radio mix with a bit more glitter and echoey house excitement. And maybe the tempo is tweaked up a BPM or three. They do a full eight minute 20 dancefloor version too. God knows what you kids do with this stuff. But it'll be good. Good, good. They could beat this song with sticks and put in a sack it would still have that unstoppable bass and that pure voice. Play it again.

You want more? You've got three more great songs and an Acetate drums n' bass kind of remix called "Experiment". "I Don't Need You", "Keep a Secret" and "Little Miss Selfish" are singles in their own right. "I Don't Need You" opens the set with all the Bluefoot ingredients: rich emotional voice, jaggy bass, funky rhythms, MC, bleeps, synths and the whole damn thing. "Keep a Secret" is a well built property in soul diva territory. It's gorgeous. Little Miss Selfish is a frothy sassy kind of personal gospel blues, done a cappella. "Experiment" is OK if you go for too-fast pencil tapping versus great singing.

Oh, you lucky people. They're launching this thing at a free gig at the HiFi Club on Sunday 2nd December, and turning up at Joseph's Well on Monday 10th of the same month on a Chocolate Fireguard promo night. I say, go for the bigger PA at Joseph's Well and buy the vinyl. You will not regret it. You've probably missed the HiFi gig already.

And for would-be pro performing stars with slight anorak tendencies just go check out the stage plan on their brilliant Web site. Read and weep. These are dangerously competent people.