This is an archive of the band profile for Unclejohnny.

Unclejohnny initially began as the work of one person, Martin Gardiner. Most of the material was written and recorded in a small bedroom studio where the sound became fairly eclectic and varied. After getting very good response from demo reviews Martin decided to get a band together. The line up now consists of:

Dani Bleu - Drums
Stuart Robertson - Bass Guitar
Martin Gardiner - Guitar/vocals

Because much of the music was put together without any thought about how it would be performed, the songs have been stripped back and reworked slightly to fit better with the limitations of a three peice.

The result is louder with more of a rock ethic than previously shown on the recordings. However the band continue to develop new ideas and many of the newest songs have developed during practice sessions and have been a more collaborative effort.

Unclejohnny are determined to make the best music they can for as long as they can. There is no conscious effort to fit into any particular genre although it is inevitable that you become the product of all the music you have listened to. There is a deep desire in the band to push their creative force as far as it will go and to try new avenues.

The band are now managed by Puppetshow Management run by Brian Campbell of Clinic and their tour manager Neesh Buttoo..