This is an archive of the band profile for Alyra.

Before they decided they were called such, Alyra first played together in 2002 in a garage next to the Lake District roundabout in Skipton, not far from where the bassist and guitarist first saw Apocalypse Now and heard Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy on a decent hi-fi. The then three-piece of school children bonded over At The Drive-In and Deftones, and played as an instrumental prog 3-piece around Leeds and Bradford, going from terrified and immobile to smacking each other in the head with their instruments. A year or so down the line the singer and pc-user wandered into their home town by accident again and became the last in a long line of potential fourth members.

By now their ramshackle programme of gear-acquisition had begun, and for three years they played to taxi drivers, policeman and people evading them in an old tennis pavilion on a then deserted industrial estate, eating pizza and arguing about music. Guitarist Thomas and computerist Glynn shared Tom Waits, Sigur Ros, Interpol and Nina Simone, Bassist Nath and Drummer Henry Glassjaw, Hopesfall and 4Hero. They all liked Aphex Twin. And Smashing Pumpkins. Individually, Glynn enjoys Chris Cunningham and Jazz, Thomas likes books and Jazz, Nathan likes zombies and Jazz and Henry likes junk food and Jazz. No-one likes Franz Ferdinand.

Recently, Alyra have recorded their second self-financed EP at Woodman Studios in Halifax, “Principles of Geology”. Whereas the first was themed around love, murder and preservation in lime, the latest offering is based around whales, the homeless, the discovery of the earth’s crust, 1833 and the Victorians. Broader in scope and hookier than post-rock, it ranges from stringed, ambient beyond-the-grave love song-based “Ligeia” to crescendonic metalcore chugslab “Vehicle”, to the post-punk atmospheric pop of “In Case of Loss”.

Half of Alyra are, at least during termtime, moving to London and Oxford to seek their fortunes and grow up and stuff. The other half are staying in Leeds, being cool? .