This is a review of "Soldier" recorded by Spitfire Charlie. The review was written by Chris Woolford in 2005.

Spitfire Charlie play laid back and lazy blues with a whiff of the contemporary (see The Libertines) and a hint of the old (see the great Led Zeppelin).

Singer John Roberts drives the band along with a loud melodic vocal style that distinguishes Spitfire Charlie apart from the more tedious of Libs-esqe bands around at the moment.

Opener ‘Solider’ shows off some impressive riffs and chord changes and is an enjoyable bouncy number. The lyrics do drag and ramble off at some points, especially when confronting the subject of America’s War on Terror, but eventually the song reaches a big frantic finish which almost makes up for a lack of lyrical wizardry.

Second track ‘Every Day I See Your Face Again’ offers us more of the same yet is more upbeat (where have I heard that intro before?) with a Britpop feel and accompanying “Bah, bah, bah baaas!” but it’s the final number ‘The Only One Who Writes The Songs” which is the stand out track on the CD.

It feels like The Coral in the verses before shooting off into an almost punk style chorus with jumping breaks and changes. Big lead guitar drives us through the rest of the song and a final climax of climbing power chords sends the CD home happy.

Spitfire Charlie are only a young band. Judging by this CD they haven’t quite cracked it yet but they certainly show a lot of promise for the future. A few more ideas and a few better lyrics thrown into the melting pot and they could be onto a winner.