This is an archive of the band profile for Blindlight.

Blindlight's music can be described as alternative rock meets pop rock. The songs are mainly written on love, lust, life etc and incorporate mellow tunes and powerful switch solos as well as some rocking songs which create high energy.

Blindlight were formed in mid 2005 after Damien had split from his old band to persue a different direction. He had known fellow guitarist Ryan through school and college. They both decided to form a band. They searched for a drummer by ringing up drums teachers and found one by the name of Sam. Whilst they had just added a 3rd member to the band, Damien was in search of a bassist. He found David on a local music forum. The 4 then began practicing in Sam's bedroom getting some songs down and getting ready for upcoming gigs the band were booked for. Unfortunately Sam had too many other commitments to continue on with the band, so the gigs were put on hold and the search for a new drummer began. Damien had then managed to find a new drummer by the name of Leeann who he spotted on another music site forum. Damien, Ryan and Dave then met up with Leeann for a practice and to see if it would work. The band have had their current lineup for a few months now and things are getting better and better. The band have just recorded a 3 track demo..