This is an archive of the band profile for The Semaphores.

Danny Blackman - Vocals/Guitar/Promgramming
Hannah Brougham - Vocals/Bass Guitar

When you thought that recent song-writing had become formulaic and you longed once again to feel overwhelmed by atmospheric layering, Leeds based band The Semaphores reared their creative heads in a non-stop, full-on attempt to show you that their musical self-awareness and fearless attitude to the electronic alternative will rock your socks.

After 2 years of idea generation the duo boast a wealth of songs which take influences from every far reaching corner of the musical prism. Bands such as Interpol, Sonic Youth and Secret Machines have been riding the sound waves in the basement rooms of The Semaphores' LS6 residence.

A recent review of the demo revealed; "The Semaphores' first demo is a fresh, exciting collection of three rock/electronica song suites; each of the songs exploring different lyrical and musical territory. The voice is treated as another instrument, not a necessity; an interesting approach to fleshing out The Semaphore's highly textured aesthetic." - 'M'

The Semaphores' aim is to create music which stirs emotion and encourages its listeners to delve into the different layers and sounds which the band attempts to lay down in a musical appliqué. "Our sound is mainly characterised by the different mood each instrument creates when we add it to the song, it's important to remember each new sound you add stands for something" - Hannah..