This is an archive of the band profile for The Moot.

" a very, very good band " Alan Raw, BBC Raw Talent Show
The Moot An' Sum are a band from Huddersfield in the UK featuring Clare (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Eryl (Drums) and Mark (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)

An' Sum are musicians that make guest appearances with The Moot as and when they can to add to the original blend of reggae, funk and freestyling that is guaranteed to get people moving! Musicians that have made guest apperances include Chris (Bass), Martin Chung (Guitar and Darabooka), Andy (Sax), G Man (Bass), Souljah Of Hightz (Vocals).

Since Clare and Eryl formed the band in August 2005 they have been doing very well and have played over 40 gigs in the last year over the North of England. In September 2006 they played to a packed audience at the Thimbleberry Festival in County Durham with guest appearances from Chris on bass and Muffin on vocals.

Shortly after the festival the band had one of their songs "Snuggle Up" played on the BBC Raw Talent Show and have been invited to take part in an interview and play live on the BBC Raw Talent Show on the 5th of November 2006. Recently they have supported up and coming signed French hip-hop crew LA Cédille who are fresh from supports with De La Soul.

In amongst this they have also hosted and attended many jam nights and set up their own MP3 Label called Mootmusic and hosted many live band nights. In October 2006 The Moot have been joined by multi instrumentalist and songwriter Mark Jones on bass, guitar and vocals.

The Moot An' Sum are currently gigging around West Yorkshire and are looking for gigs further afield. They are also working on recording some of their material in their home recording studio which will be available for release soon.