This is a review of "The Pre-Season EP" recorded by Cope. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Why aren't Cope playing live more often in Leeds - or have I been missing something? This CD is pretty good you know, with an almost retro/indie rock feel to it. Genre wise - imagine a mixture of The Bluetones, Cast and The Verve, but it's a good mixture. Considering my attitude to all three of these bands it's hard to imagine I'd be saying I like Cope... but I do.

There's almost a lazy, ballad style to opening track "The City We Leave Behind". The music is tight, well produced and gently soothing. Its not ground-breaking though; don't let me make you believe these guys are going to be the next best thing - they're a long way off that, what I'm saying is there is no reason why you shouldn't be going to see them live. If you like your guitars mostly clean and your singing prominent and meaningful, then you might just like this four-piece.

"Falling Over" has a touch of Rigsby to it, but without the balls and attitude. It's still slow and well written. Perhaps being too similar to the opening song shows a lack of diversity at this early stage in the band's development.

"King Street" reminds me of a folk version of Stone Roses, there's almost a Littlest Hobo country feel about this song: "Show me the way to go" says the chorus. This is a touch more upbeat that the songs before it, and makes a welcome change.

I'd like to see more songs like the last one; I'd also like to see more attitude in the vocals. It's nice, but perhaps too nice.