This is a review of "Red Door EP" recorded by Volcanoes. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Volcanoes hail from the new Leeds (Sheffield). The four piece have a stripped back indie blues sound that although not devoid of influences, has a pretty strong personality of its own. The whole show is carried by the excellent vocal talents of Kev Samson and some neat but not world beating tunes. “Room with the Red Door” opens the 3 song EP with a shuffling beat and a Kings of Leon minus the drawl vibe. While “Shallow Fire” has an almost Doors minus the organ feel, closing track “Long Live My Enemies” has a modern day Mersey sound to it like an aggressive Coral. It’s good to hear a band using blues and rock influences in their sound without falling foul of the big cliché traps so many others do. There are no meandering pointless guitar lines and the structures are inventive while being to the point. Volcanoes show with this debut they have something about them which if built upon will prove very interesting indeed.