This is a review of "Wardens / Rotary Queen" recorded by This Et Al. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

With a perhaps more accessible style than their mates Forward Russia there is just a chance that if they keep churning out this sort of quality, This Et Al could end up being the VHS of the relationship. Wardens is all electrifying energy while Rotary Queen is towering blocks of noise and drama after which your stereo will beg for mercy. It’s like …Trail of Dead playing Bloc Party with their amps on 11 and drums the size of skyscrapers. It’s like Interpol’s younger brother who drinks beer not wine and does speed not weed. As with their previous outpourings to date This Et Al are more about the operatic sound-scapes than the songs. Only now they seem better drilled and more aware of when to press the trigger or when to let you believe they’ve finished sonically kicking your head in, only to offer another swift kick of land-sliding guitar. With a bigger production budget it’s scary to think what they may yet come up with.