This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Xenith Sound. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Well it’s been three years since the good old The Xenith Sound formed and they are still forging ahead with that unique futuristic sound they managed to create a while back. Whether it was intentional or just the results of numerous musical experiments gone wrong the outcome as always is a treat.

“We go where they go” is a bit of a good old fashioned foot stopper at heart but it’s sneakily been hidden under a sheet of eclectic atmospherics and confusing bass lines that pulsate to form an addictive groove.

Songs such as “The way” & “Boy Racer” are slightly weaker than their predecessor and demonstrate a potential weakness in The Xenith Sound's style. They have the knack for creating stunning moments in their songs, which are clear in these two examples, but the ways in which the songs get to these points isn’t always as much fun.

“Let it Go” is a fucking tune though and is The Xenith Sound at their best. Fast paced energetic and packing one hell of a hook that rips through your speakers and is clearly the standout track on this highly interesting EP.