This is a review of "Rabbiting With Richard Dido" recorded by Rudolf Rocker. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

This is Rudolf Rocker's second album released on Leeds' very own House Of Mook label. John Peel listened upon the band favourably, as he did with many 'Mook' arists and you can hear why. Within this disc we get a plentiful helping of slightly quirky pop songs. Whistling, a multitude of strange synth noises and some slightly curious song titles are all thrown into the melting pot and then delivered with an almost spoken, distinctively British vocal. Considering that League Of Gentleman writer Jeremy Dyson is Rudolf Rocker's keyboard player then a little strangeness is to be expected. Don't let that take away from the fact that there are some nifty little pop melodies here and wll thought out instrumentation. It's musical Marmite and certainly won't be to the tastes of those who proclaim James Blunt as the new Messiah. However, those who are familiar with House of Mook's roster are sure to be impressed and this offering also shares some common ground with fellow Leeds popsters, Being 747.

If you like imperfectly perfect vocals, an overuse of percussion and the exploration of strange synth noises all wound up into ear pleasing pop ditties then Rudolf Rocker command yoru attention.