This is a review of "Watching / Not So Fast" recorded by The Lodger. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2005.

This is a limited double A side release from Leeds' The Lodger that hopes to follow on from a growing media interest after the previous Dance To The Radio release. The fast, jangly guitar assault is almost Billy Bragg esque and, like Bragg, whilst Ben Siddall doesn't have the purest of voices and can have the tendency to verge on slipping out of tune it just fits the songs perfectly. 'Watching' is uptempo aggressive pop (imagine an evil version of The Housemartins) and has a chorus that you will find yourself unwittingly singing to yourself. The verses break and fall nicely before the chorus powers along at speed like a duffel coated toboganist.

'Not So Fast' is a much slower paced affair and the stronger of the two tunes. A simplistic yet beautiful guitar motif leads us in as the song slowly swells into a magnificent throb of warmth and loveliness. It's the kind of song people will sway to at gigs and still manage to look cool. The tempo, melody and arrangement all combine perfectly to create a beautiful little pop song that should ensure The Lodger continue to amass friends.