This is an archive of the band profile for Braxton Hicks.

The music of Braxton Hicks is a simple blend of sweet, melodic melodies, infused with a warm glock rockin beats cooked up by a lean mean fat guitar grilling machine. Basically its indie pop.

Braxton Hicks are a Leeds based band who are relatively new to the scene but have already picked up positive local reviews:

"For indie kids, this kind of noise will be the second coming - If you like your happy indie rock songs, then go and check them out." - Leeds Music Scene, June 2005

"Smooth swaying songs with solid playing from all made for an uplifting change." - Sandman, December 2005

"You guys were aaaaawesome" - Some drunk American guy at the Grove, February 2006

Braxton Hicks would have been a young happening band if only they had met ten years ago. Formed last year, with the original idea of being a cover band, founder members Danny and Simon found their evenings spent trying to learn rock versions of Faith by George Micheal became much more satisifactory when they started sharing their own material. With a new agenda they put together a line up of old friends and in a blues brother type moment rescued the bass player who they spotted looking quite unhappy during his bands set of 80's camp classics.

The band is made up of Simon (vocals), Danny (guitar), Steve (guitar), Jazz (bass) and Paul (cack handed drummer). The band have many influences from The Beatles and the La's to Led Zeppelin and Doves. Danny is also a huge fan of 'Big Mountain'. Braxton Hicks would however like to comment that this is the viewpoint of Danny and not the band as a whole. Phew...... glad that's cleared up..