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In 2007 with more writing, more gigs, and another recording under their belts The Escape Route have nothing but time and will continue to make music that is their own and that is creative. The Escape Route set out to break down the boring repetitive barriers that have been built around modern day music. Whatever happened to the passion in a live show? Where's the excitement and the feeling that everybody in the room is on the edge of their seat because they don't know what's going to happen next? This isn't about trends, haircuts or endless guitar solos. This is about creating something new and different. It's about tearing down something that's fake and holding on to something that's real. We're not going to stand down or change because somebody who doesn't understand us tells us that we should be playing something else. Music shouldn't be a solid wall. It should be a pile of broken bricks left to build and tear down as you please. We're not the next Kaiser Chiefs, we don't sound like the Arctic Monkeys and if a day comes when we do, we will no longer be a band. The Escape Route are here to set the world on fire and self-destruct before you've even had chance to burn your feet on our charred embers..