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Mary-Jane are a dynamic three-piece melodic rock outfit from Huddersfield featuring Teri Flynn on vocals/bass, Rachel Goulding guitars and Ben Carter drums. Influences include The Distillers, Hole, Babes In Toyland. Their "What I Came For" CD was recorded in Prague at Faust Studios and produced by Killing Joke's legendary guitarist Geordie Walker!!! Big drums and guitars and the raw emotional vocals of Teri demand your full attention and if there's any justice left in the music industry this band will be huge.

Rock Sound Magazine: "This trio have balls. Physically, only the one sack full, as two of 'em are girlies, but musically they have balls spilling all over the place. Big, dirty ones that swing to a pulsating beat. Like one of those office stress relievers with clacking balls, only these have sharp metal spikes"

Their 2005 BBC Raw Talent gig with Kava Kava and La Cedille was voted best gig of the year by Raw talent listeners!.