This is a review of "Flybuzz" recorded by Your Vegas. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Following their sold-out self-titled debut single, Your Vegas offer up a second limited edition single Flybuzz – limited edition not being a PR way of saying small run then? Oh noooo. Still this is entertaining stuff and music that brazenly aims for the top. Some bands would feel uncomfortable with a line like “they are a stadium band waiting for a stadium” in their press blurb but it reveals a great truth about where this music is pitched. Frankly it would be hard to pitch it anywhere else other than at 40,000 lighter waving fans as it is just BIG, big production, big sounding guitars, big melodies... BIG. So for those into their lo-fi indie and dirty punk, beware because there is no room for you at this inn. For those appreciating well written songs however, then Flybuzz and b-side Salvadore are just that. The latter of which is so magnificent it could hold its own with Snow Patrol or Coldplay were there to be a joust using epic guitar lines as the weapons of choice. The danger is that Your Vegas are actually more Simple Minds than they are cool and even if it’s done well it has already been well done.