This is a review of "You're Gonna Lose Us" recorded by The Cribs. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Rounding up a splendid year for Wakefield’s favourite sons, The Cribs release a brand new double A-side for your pleasure. Interestingly it suddenly sheds some light on one of the let downs of the debut album, as new song “You’re Gonna Lose Us” is backed with album track “The Wrong Way To Be” making it ripe for comparison. Maybe it’s having Bernard Butler at the desk rather than Edwyn Collins but “You’re Gonna Lose Us” bristles with all the energy of the band's live shows, it’s positively electric. Whilst compare this to “The Wrong Way To Be” which only serves to make you believe someone turned your stereo down while your back was turned. What comes across in “You’re Gonna...” is a band growing more comfortable in their skin. The scratchy guitar work and Libertines-loose vocals all happily reside on the same track without elbowing each other for room. But good songs are good songs and thankfully “The Wrong Way...” is exactly that, continuing on from where “Hey Scenesters!” left off righting the wrongs of the band's time in the small town of Wakefield. A positive end to the year and one that wets the appetite for a band that show they are ready to furnish that room for improvement.