This is a review of "A Place That Glows" recorded by Parisman. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Anyone who knows anything about music in Leeds knows Parisman have been coming up to the boil for quite some time. It just took some bright spark at 48 Crash to take the lid off and let them realise their bubbling potential with their first release proper. Sounding more mature as an outfit and more aware of what beeps, bops and buzzes go where, they capture all the inventiveness of their earlier EPs with aplomb on this 3 songer. Opener “A Place That Glows” is uplifting and rocking. It packs a fair punch and in one instant realises what they have been trying to achieve all these years: Layered guitars, pounding dance rock beats and saw wave synths. Likewise “Flying Square Man” continues the theme before a brief reminder of how good they’ve always been with a re-run of “Radio Mountains” showing of its towering guitars. 48 Crash probably couldn’t understand why no-one had done this before, sceptically asking “come on lads what’s the catch?” Perhaps the only thing against them is that Parisman ironically now find themselves coming to prominence in a Leeds scene fit to bursting, let’s hope they remain after it pops.