This is an archive of the band profile for YSN.

Scandalous events within the walls of Club DeccaDance led the paths of Thomas J. Booth, James Knox, Yonatan Collier and Pete Wurlitzer to meet.

All four gentlemen had become enamoured of the same beautiful arm-accessory who was, unbeknown to each other, shamelessly seducing each of the vain fellows with her feminine wiles. One evening, as the strumpet was seated in the member's area with DeccaDance's alpha-dandy and host, Pete Wurlitzer, he noticed that the three gentlemen were eyeing her with particular keenness and relish. But rather than striking each about the face with his immaculate white glove, he excused himself from the girl and went to enquire as to whom could be credited with their outstanding tailoring.

Prior to this chance encounter Thomas, James and Yonatan had been little more than a gang of immaculately dressed layabouts who spent their days chasing ladies, gambling on fillies, and imbibing only the finest spirits. Under the guidance of Mr. Wurlitzer they became masters of all three... and they also formed a band..