This is a review of "Day Of Death by Bono Adrenaline Shot" recorded by That Fucking Tank. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Oh That Fucking Tank how I love you so, with your instrumental death disco music that makes my ears bleed while I dance away. Strangely for a band with a tiny drum kit and one guitar they do make a pleasant racket. Songs like “Making a Meal for Beethoven” really are ridiculously stunning and pack the trademark Tank groove. Deep and dark the songs that draw you in before the detonator is pressed and walls of sound come hurtling toward you. But still it’s danceable like getting your groove on while a building is being demolished. Strange I know but trust me.

Between the carnage there are brief interludes that give you a chance to catch your breath. On their own they may not amount to much but as part of the whole album they provide a variety that improves one’s listening experienced. Whether it is a song about beer or a recipe for Cranberry relish they are a stopgap from the audio assault and as soon as they finish you are refreshed and ready for more.

This isn’t an easy listening record. If you love the sort of bands that grace the Load Records label then That Fucking Tank are the band for you. But their riffs and delectable beats won’t win everyone over. This is an intense adventure and one of those records that makes even more sense when you have seen the band live. Out now on vinyl I suggest you get this while it’s hot or if you fear vinyl then wait for the CD that’s out in January.