This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Wintermute. The review was written by Matt Miller in 2005.

So it’s a grey Monday morning and a nice lil’ parcel arrives at my door, filled with a nice collection of new demos to get my tired juices flowing. So what do we have here? A matching dressed quartet who really do seem to like long black jackets…

But that’s beside the point because it’s the music that really counts…

First track is titled “Yesterday is beautiful” which starts with a nice piano/bass/ vocal correlative before the reggae (UB40) style guitar sequence hits in and then breaks into a crashing indie punk sequence which really seems like it can only get heavier before releasing itself into another soft little head bopping riff that confuses your tiny brain, as 2 minutes into the song your thinking “what is this?!?!” The vocals resemble my brother (who is 8) trying to attempt singing The Killers in the shower while hyper on lucozade. A great sound but I have to say I don’t think the recording compliments the real raw live energy the track seems to be capable of.

A promising start.

Next track instantly catches me with a nice arpeggio style harmonic twang intro which makes you want to jump up and down repeatedly in a scummy pub whilst the band thrashes around the stage and some fat goon next to you does the same, throwing his pint all over your new white Adidas jacket, and you don’t care because later on you’re going to “accidentally” throw a bloody Mary all over his moronic self.

And then the vocals come in and you go “ugh” - that’s a sigh for all you people who don’t speak my newly created language. You just feel let down because the vocalist sings like he doesn’t care that the rest of Wintermute are ragging their instruments around like Ronhaldinio on his own versus Mansfield Town. But then I realise...

I’m addicted as the song has somehow crept onto the old Ipod Nano and is played 26 times in one day. “Empty Eyes” evolves into something beautiful. After 2 minutes the crashes into a new creation of high phase and avid blend of musical genius that forces you to shed a tear. “Empty Eyes” is simply a beautiful anthem, an evolving masterpiece. Despite the initial unsatisfying vocals slapped upon the track you end up loving it!

Definitely a track to watch out for in the future.

And on an immense high you only expect better from the final rack “It Could Be No Other Way” And the direct Jazz/ Reggae piercing intro hits heavy before bursting into high chord medley with a nice accompaniment on lead, although the Bass seems to have trouble with the pace initially but soon redeems itself having to hold its own on the track supporting all the vocals which really do (this time!) seem affective and draw you in amidst the thrashy raw guitars. A nice track but at time seems a little empty as just when you‘re getting into taking off your t-shirt and throwing yourself around with classic air guitar moves you find it’s over… but there is some nice duel guitar harmony and thrusting drums that emphasise the vocals of every syllable shouted across the track. Impressive but not to the same scale as “Empty Eyes”, which in itself makes any demo or single these guys produce worth purchasing.

Wintermute is an inspiring experience…one every individual should indulge in.