This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Hands & Fingers. The review was written by Ben Daure in 2005.

What are Hands & Fingers like? ... very much like a blend of Air (up beat simplistic ambient electronica) and Boards Of Canada (dark ambient electronica). Their music is very ambient and has an absolutely huge range of synthetic sounds. Unlike some ambience artists these days Hands & Fingers are not too repetitive but keep their rhythms and melodies constant enough to keep you at ease.

Who will like it? Anyone who likes, as I said, Boards of Canada, Air, any of the more chilled out Aphex Twin or the music from Sigur Ros (as Hands & Fingers has no singing) will love this album. Also anyone who likes any sort of ambience or chilled out electronica (none of that trippy stuff) this band is for you.

What is it for? Any time you just want to relax or calm down, it’s perfect for if you are feeling a bit sleepy or you just want something that s a pleasure to listen to but at the same time you can switch on and off as you please but still know where you are in terms of the music. Another good example would be for some of the happier videos from for all of you that are familiar with that.

My personal touch? I love this album to bits simply because I love ambient music that experiments with hundreds of different sounds e.g. bubble sounds, wired scratching sounds and seaside noise. It doesn’t get boring as it adds and takes away sounds all the time keeping the listener interested.