This is a review of "Nothing is what it seems" recorded by d-koy. The review was written by Rory Holl in 2005.

That's a nice looking lady, or is it a bloke, no it can't be, never, or is it? d-koy have returned again with another example of their zany mixture of pop, funk, metal and rock.

d-koy manage to mix these different genre and make them work very well, a big factor is Seb's interesting and rather virtuoso guitar work guided with his sweet vocals that kick out a time or two when he's ready to let his voice shred!

For a line-up that has been only sorted for six months since former drummer Vic decided to do a runner, this EP is a prime example of a bunch of talented musicians.

Musically this CD is great but unfortunately it kind of lacks the hooks and turnarounds that would make this demo all the more listenable. There's some fantastic drumming and crazy guitar work and the vocals are a very strong factor that flows through all three tracks.

For influences it is a difficult one, my closest guess is that Seb listens to a wide range of music which he adds a lot of in his writing, there are definitely touches of The Police and earlier Radiohead mixed with the heavier likes of Silverchair and QOTSA.

This CD is definitely worth a listen, but it is not something that will stick in my mind for a huge length of time but it was good. d-koy are a band you would rather see live, this demo CD doesn't do them much justice but I'm sure when the tracks are played in a venue they will go down a treat.