This is an archive of the band profile for The High Chairs.

It was the summer of 2005, and from the confines of a farmhouse shed, the High Chairs embarked upon putting a good collection of songs together. From the outset, the band had a clear aspiring vision:-

“The idea for the band is simple,” says Roj (bass), “to make the best music that we can, and to enjoy it.”

The band formed when Roj joined forces with old school friends Simo (guitar) and T (drums).

Simo’s brother Pete (keyboards) was next to join the ranks. After returning from tour as part of a live techno act (Ignition Technician), Pete wanted to return to his musical roots, and learn a new instrument to join the band.

Following a long parade of would be vocalists, the band finally decided on Dan International as the man for the job, and The High Chairs began to work on new material together.

From a diverse and eclectic mixture of influences, they developed a unique and distinctive indie rock style and sound of their own. With solid beats, heavy bass, raunchy rhythmic guitar riffs, energetic keys accompanied by a melodious soaring vocal, The High Chairs were ready for action.

Friday 18th November 2005, The High Chairs took to the stage for their first ever live show to a great reception from a small but supportive audience on home soil in Leeds.

From these humble beginnings, The High Chairs have gone on to enjoy some great nights at some of the best venues on the unsigned circuit, including the Boardwalk (Sheffield), and the Roadhouse (Manchester).

More recently, the band were pleased to take part in breaking the record for the highest selling unsigned night presented at the Cockpit, Leeds.

Now firmly established on the Leeds live music scene, the High Chairs have built on their reputation for good music, and a good performance.

The High Chairs have now released their first album containing a mix of crowd favourites and previously unheard material. It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

Check them out – The High Chairs just might be worth a moment of your time..