This is an archive of the band profile for Concentration Champ.

Band Members: The Champ, The Deputy

We are the perfect band to invite to dinner. I (The Champ) was born in a barn just south of Plaistow in London, in which I lived till I was old enough to wipe my own arse (roughly 24 by that stage). I now live in you.

The Deputy, however spent his youth forraging for bits and pieces that people throw out of thier houses, and stumbled uopn a deputy badge. Since then he has been known as solely as 'The Deputy'.

I caught him trying to break into my barn and basically, since then we have been close. So so close. We make the music that hasn't been written until we write it. Like most songs really.

We travel together in a large spanish onion converted into a car.

We would love to visit your town, or your front room, and discuss many a tale.

But to cut a long story short, we are two blokes who make quite fucked up music. Enjoy..